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Harleen Quinnzell Is The Jokers phyciatrist at Arkham Asylum and fell in love with The Joker and reinvented herself as Harley Quinn. With her trademark jesters hat and Sledge hammer Harley Quinn Is deffinetly working with the joker. Little is known about this character but all we do know is that she is potrayed by Kristen Bell. Lots of people are hoping she will play her in a movie, if you look up Batman Gotham City The Movie, you will find posters of a Fake movie, Kristen Bell is seen as Harley Quinn, Heath Ledger as Joker, David Tennant as Riddler, but there is also another one with Neil Patrick Harris as Riddler. It has not been said she will ever be Harley Quinn in a movie, but with popularity of her as Harley Quinn, they might consider her, but all we can do now is hope... and protest?

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